Panel Building

Power Solutions

Bridgecon Trading is an Authorized Panel Builder for ABB Low Voltage Products

Superior quality Change Over panels and ATS (AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH) that automatically switches the load from main power to emergency power without the need for operator participation are provided by Bridgecon Trading. Furthermore, an extensive selection of synchronization systems are expertly put together in accordance with the unique demands and specifications of the clients.

Manual Change Over For a wide range of applications, ABB’s change-over and transfer switches are made to move loads from one power source to another. Up to 3200 Ampere switches are included in the range. These switches can be turned on manually, remotely with the use of a motor, or automatically.

ATS – Single & Dual ABB automatic transfer switches include several integrated safety elements that guarantee service continuation. The sophisticated and compact design of the ABB automated transfer switch makes installation in tight locations possible at a significant cost reduction. Transfer switches up to 6300 Amperes are included in the range.

Consumer Units & Distribution Boards When it comes to electrical building installations, the ABB line of sheet steel consumer units and distribution boards is made with availability, safety, and dependability in mind. Every ABB consumer unit has a special design feature that makes installation and modification quick and simple. Distribution boards up to 6300 Amperes are included in the range.

Totalizing Panel Also referred to as “Common Busbar,” these panels are frequently placed in locations where more than two generators are running simultaneously to obtain the whole power produced. Up to 6300 Amperes are available in our totalizing panels.