Power Plants

Power Solutions

Generating Energy for a Sustainable Future

With our generators, we are able to design, supply, construct, manage, and maintain entire power generation facilities. Our prime unit range is up to 5300 KVA for diesel-powered plants and 1500 KVA for gas-powered plants. Up to 32 generators of various capacities can be synchronized for a single power producing unit. Bridge Trading assembles the entire plant—which consists of generators, synchronization controls, and totalizing panels—under one roof.

Our power generation plant solutions cover both LV and MV systems employing various techniques, such as step up transformers or specially designed MV alternators to meet the power needs. These plants can function as stand-alone primary power sources around-the-clock, or they can be fully automated standby power generation plants or synced with the local grid to provide support in the event of a power outage.

Through a variety of options and applications, including SCADA, BMS, online, and mobile apps, these plants can be monitored, controlled, and managed locally or remotely. Intelligent controllers equipped with all required upgrades and accessories are used in this process.

With years of experience, Bridgecon Trading can handle this kind of task. We have provided and built our generators and solutions for a variety of uses, including construction sites, manufacturing facilities, labor camps, military locations, cities and residential complexes, sports facilities, and more, all around the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.